Welcome to this six-part e-learning module, designed to help you understand better how to manage the important processes of cleaning and disinfecting a veterinary practice. This module is ideal if you have, or shortly will have, responsibility for leading the hygiene operation within your practice, or even if you just want to learn more about the subject. Each section below features a short slide-show video with accompanying spoken explanation, packed with information on different topics around the subject of cleaning and disinfection. Together these build up to a detailed set of protocols, procedures and products that you can implement to help minimise the risk of infection in your vet practice. After each section is a set of multi-choice questions relating to the content - enabling you to test your knowledge and help make it part of your standard approach. These are not 'marked' externally - they are just for your benefit and to help with your learning. Please feel free to review any of the videos and re-take the questions at any time if it helps. You can view the videos in any order, but if you work through them in the order suggested, it will help build the information in a logical progression.